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September 22, 2009

Conversation with Rahel Bailie, Content Strategist

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Was able to meet and have a good talk with Rahel Bailie, thanks to the coordinating efforts of the fabulous UX Meetup group in the Twin Cities. Rahel is a content strategist with her own company, Intentional Design. She was in the Twin Cities from Vancouver because she is writing a book on content strategy. She mentioned that when you say Content Management anymore everyone assumes you’re talking about Web Content Management, but she focuses on all types of content and makes plans for it throughout the content lifecycle. She was able to very clearly articulate (and even sketch on the back of a napkin!) how component content management can be used to chunk information into the smallest pieces and then reassemble it in print as well as in email or on a website.

I recently saw that a local printer was looking for an XML specialist, presumably to turn all the chunks of info and reams of pictures into a printed book. It reminded me of an errata slip I once saw inserted into a 64 page children’s book about geography. It read something like “on pages 2, 5,8, 10-13, and 24-25 please replace the words ‘six continents’ with ‘seven continents'” I thought, I think it’s time to just republish the book at this point, guys. And with component content management making those changes and reprinting wouldn’t have been difficult at all.


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